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We continue innovating to make you advance

THE INNOVATION THAT MAKES YOU ADVANCE was our first slogan by founding MICROAREA. Today, we continue innovating so you can go further and enjoy technologies that you didn't even imagine. Functionalities that have made us be able to work remotely, unite work teams distributed throughout the world and continue offering our services even in times as convulsive as those we are living.

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Years in business

Our history

Our history began to develop software in 1990 because we wanted to convert their management into an accessible and powerful experience

After our first MS-DOS releases with Quick Basic based development. Between 1990 and 1995 we decided to migrate our products from green and white screens to what many doubted would one day become an operating system: Windows.

Few companies collaborating with us bet on this new adventure. Fortunately, the stars aligned and Windows became the most used operating system and our software in the first to have available versions for Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and becoming the first range of products with 32 -bit technology.

Everything, which sounds old has evolved for 32 years and incorporating unimaginable technologies when we start. Challenges such as work in remote, hybrid systems in the ICloud, Teleworking and so many and so many functionalities that the programs include today are the proof of our commitment as developers to offer:

  • Total control over their data, without making them captives of web applications in which the software manufacturer accesses their data.
  • Access to the most advanced technology with integrations with Google, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and thus, up to more than 100 companies to integrate their products with our applications.

We had to internationalize to import leading technologies and provide with a service adapted to market globalization and close to the most innovative software manufacturers.

For more than 13 years, our offices in New York and California have allowed us to enrich our product with other ways of working throughout the world. Use technologies that were not available or were in the development phase in advance and facilitate the fact that their signature becomes a multinational in the same way that we did.

As our first slogan said, Microarea has tried to be the innovation that makes you advance.

Do you like our philosophy?